Eon Essential Patient SafetyNet

SafetyNet is our low-risk, high-value, mobile application that uses best-in-class Computational Linguistics to segment the highest risk Pulmonary Nodule patients. It’s easy to use, secure, and provides access to Essential Patients at any time.

With SafetyNet, on-the-go providers have clinical resources available via an app on their phones. It ensures the most vulnerable patients are always top of mind and empowers providers to offer life-saving decision making from anywhere.

This technology uses our proprietary incidental tracking software and has all of the best features of our market-leading Essential Patient Management (EPM) Platform.

SafetyNet Is Easy to Use and Effective

Identifies Essential Patients When It Matters Most

Eon utilizes a proprietary data science model called Computational Linguistics. It identifies the highest risk pulmonary nodule patients who risk increased morbidity and mortality the longer necessary care is delayed.

Segments Patients Based on Risk

Essential Patients are segmented by risk of catastrophic outcomes, allowing over-burdened resources to focus on patients needing immediate care.

Access to the First Mobile Nodule Board

Allows on-the-go care providers the ability to communicate and make critical patient decisions at any time.

Provides Weekly Essential Patient Reports

Generates weekly reports that make it easy to identify patients who need to be seen and helps ensure Essential Patients don’t fall through the cracks.

Together We Can Defy Disease

Ready to identify, track, and improve outcomes for patients at risk for future disease? See how facilities across the US are benefiting from Eon to ensure no patient falls through the cracks.