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EonDirect® is a complex patient management software that helps you do more with your EHR. With a current focus on Lung Cancer, EonDirect does everything from incidental nodule tracking and complex LCSR submissions to patient communication and follow-up.

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EonDirect® makes complex patient management easier than ever.


Increase capture of at-risk patients

EonDirect is proven to identify ten times the number of abnormal findings versus typical flagging systems used in radiology – with zero work flow disruption. This increase in early capture leads to massive clinical and revenue improvements.

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Remove silos and barriers of traditional registries

Registration can be difficult when your patients source from many different locations and systems. By allowing registration to span different environments, EonDirect creates increased flexibility and makes it easier than ever to increase patient volume over time.

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The first zero-entry system

At Eon we believe 90% of repetitive behavior can and should be automated. Using advanced data flow and extraction techniques, Eon’s lung cancer screening software can save a nurse navigator or other front-line clinical staff, on average, 2 hours in manual data entry per patient per year. That adds up to huge resource savings for your hospital.

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Know before it's too late

With EonDirect's follow-up listener, Longitudinal Care has never been easier. This proprietary technology takes the guesswork out of complex patient management – so you can rest knowing every patient either showed up or scheduled their next steps.

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Track and prove ROI

EonDirect lets you measure the impact of your coordination programs through comprehensive reporting. This includes measuring clinical and business ROI up to the minute, while gaining valuable insights into a dynamic market.

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